Brief Introduction to Asia Passive House Conference
The First Asia Passive House Conference initiated by Sino-German Ecopark was held successfully in Qingdao in September 2016. Themed on “Passive House, Active Asia”, the conference invited more than 300 participants, including experts and representatives of companies and institutions from Germany, Japan, Korea, Austria, Italy, Finland and China. Professor Wolfgang Feist, Dean of German Passive House Institute (PHI) and originator of passive house, attended the conference and delivered a speech. Experts of passive house technology from various countries engaged in discussions on the following topics: the development direction and founding of technical system of passive buildings in Asia, promoting the technology R&D and application of passive buildings in Asian countries and regions, strengthening the exchange of achievements in scientific research and practical experience and promoting the development of passive house related industries, etc. At this meeting, the parties reached an agreement on the "Asian Passive House Declaration Qingdao ", which laid the foundation for cooperation on passive house among Asian countries and regions, and unleashed the strongest voice of passive house development in Asia.
The Second Passive House Asia Conference hosted by the Japan Passive House Alliance was held in Tokyo in August 2017 with the theme of “Development of Passive House in High Temperature and High Humidity Areas in Asia”. About 200 people were present at the conference. Passive house experts  from China, Japan, Korea and Germany expressed their own views on exploring solutions to passive house suitable for different climatic conditions in Asia. The conference is of great significance to alleviating energy and environmental pressures in Asia and improving living comfort and quality of life.
The Third Asia Passive House Conference, with the theme of “Evolution of Passive House Considering Regional Characteristics”, was held in Seoul, ROK in August 2018. The Organizer, Institute for Passive Zero Energy Building (IPAZEB) from Korea, invited nearly 200 experts to discuss on such topics as the development situation of international construction industry, how to promote the development of passive ultra-low energy building industry in Asia and how to learn from the global advanced experience and technologies of passive house. The conference helped to promote the development and application of passive building technologies in Asia. Qingdao Sino-German Ecopark organized five Chinese enterprises to participate in the conference and exhibition for the first time, manifesting the image and strength of China's passive house industry and enterprises.
The Fourth Asia Passive House Conference will be held in its birth place, that is, Qingdao Sino-German Ecopark from May 29 to 31, 2019, during which Professor Wolfgang Feist, the father of passive house, will come to the scene and share energy consumption monitoring data of the first passive house in the world and his experience in how to improve building efficiency through rational operation. PHI and delegations of Japan and ROK will send their representatives to the conference. In addition, experts from the United States and Austria will also attend on invitation. Apart from the main forum, this conference will also set up four parallel sessions and an exhibition of passive house products and components, which all together will make it the largest one ever in history.
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