Traffic routes to attend the 4th Passive House Asia Meeting
Qingdao Railway Station – Sino-German Ecopark

Route 1:
42 min./approx. 47.5km/four traffic lights
101 RMB by taxi/50 RMB of toll fee

Route 2:
44 min./approx. 35.8km/17 traffic lights
77 RMB by taxi/10 RMB of toll fee
Qingdao North Railway Station - Sino-German Ecopark

Recommended Route:

34 min./approx. 37.4km/3 traffic lights
80 RMB by taxi/50 RMB of toll fee
Qingdao Liuting International Airport - Sino-German Ecopark

Route 1:
44 min./approx. 50.2km/six traffic lights
Taxi fee: 107 RMB /Toll fee: 50 RMB
Route 2:
46 min./approx. 60km/four traffic lights
Taxi fee: 128 RMB by/Toll fee: 20 RMB
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