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Passive House Promotion and Demonstration Community Phase I – Green Age Project
Green Age project is intended to be built into a high-end residential community with total building area of more than 130,000 m2. After its completion, the project will be certified as passive house by German PHI and Chinese two-star green building, making it the typical demonstration project of passive residential buildings for large scale promotion in China. It is estimated to save the consumption of primary energy for about 10.43 million kWh per year, and reduce carbon emission by 3200 tons per year. In comparison with current national design standard for energy efficiency, the energy saving rate reaches over 90%.

Passive House Promotion and Demonstration Community Phase II – Frey Noble Age Project
The project covers an area of 63926m2, aiming at utilizing the gifts from the nature to enlighten the craftsmanship of Germany from specific aspects of design thus to finally promote resources recycling and realize energy efficiency of passive house. The overall planning of the project includes two residential building clusters with garden landscape from north to south. A vast central landscape belt with underground supporting facilities forms the green corridor which is full of vigor and attracts popularity, and connects with the city park and urban green corridor on east-west direction, printing a vigorous brush on the overall blueprint of Sino-German Ecopark.

Qingdao Greenhouse Environmental Technology Development Co., Ltd.
In order to cope with the requirements of passive house standard at highest level in China, the company is dedicated to develop the core system of passive house, i.e. equipment and integrated operation system which is innovative, industrial-leading and groundbreaking to the public buildings and general constructions. On the general trend of promoting green energy-saving buildings in China, and by taking the core technology as the main purpose of the production and the domestic major fresh air ventilating products as the secondary purpose of production, the company intends to build the world’s leading industrial base in Qingdao Sino-German Ecopark by working together with Qingdao Passive House Technology Co., Ltd. to integrate the strengths of both sides with respect to technology and industry and to make innovative breakthrough for joint development, and thus to build it into the most powerful R&D and manufacturing center of passive house fresh air system in China and even in the world.

Rongua Industrial Park of Pre-fabricated Buildings
The total investment estimate of the project is 197 million RMB yuan. The project includes plant buildings, supporting industrial doors & windows processing workshop, testing room, offices, R&D center, dormitory, canteen and etc., which will be all constructed according to pre-fabricated passive house.
Pre-fabricated PC plant is designed with annual production of 200,000m3 PC members under full capacity operation, which basically satisfies the demand of a 1,000,000m2 pre-fabricated concrete building.
The prefabricated member products include precast columns, precast beams, prefabricated laminated slabs, prefabricated light inner walls, prefabricated decorative finish outer walls, prefabricated stairs, prefabricated utility tunnels, prefabricated box culvert, precast segment, prefabricated enclosing wall, etc.

Production and Maintenance Plant Project of Extra-high Voltage AC/DC Operation & Maintenance Center
Production and Maintenance Plant Buildings for Extra-high Voltage AC/DC Operation & Maintenance Center of SGCC Shandong Maintenance Company locates in Qingdao Sino-German Ecopark. The substation work area of the project is designed as per passive house standard of German PHI, and the area after its completion will be certified by German PHI with a demonstrative area of 5629.80 m2.

  Booth No. 09
  Company name: SAYYAS
  Chinese address: No. 9 New Road, Wanggang Town, Nangang District, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province
  Zip Code: 150100
  The company covers the fields of manufacturing, building materials for doors and windows, furniture manufacturing, household building materials, building installation.
  Main products or services: solid wood and aluminium-clad wood doors and windows, aluminium-clad wood sunshine room, toughened glass, hollow glass, laminated glass, bullet-proof glass, glass curtain wall, aluminium frame research and development, production and sales; doors and windows, curtain wall installation; 

  introduce:Sayyas, founded in 1998, has been China's pioneer and leader of Wood-aluminum Windows. Sayyas is the first Chinese window brand gaining the Passive House Certification from PHI (German Passive House Institute).
  Sayyas, 森鹰 in Chinese, has a meaning of that the products are made of wood as natural materials from the forest and with wisdom, courage, precision and perseverance.
"SAYYAS" is of similar pronunciation as "say ya" in German, telling that everyone says a big YES when see Sayyas Windows.
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