SIEMENS AG is the world's leading technology companies, founded in 1847, operates in more than and 200 countries around the world, focusing on the field of electrification, automation and digitization.
  SIEMENS since 1872 to enter Chinese, more than 140 years with innovative solutions and technology, excellent products to the development of China unremittingly to provide comprehensive support, and with superior quality and reliability, technological innovation achievements, leading the unremitting pursuit, established the leading position in the market China. Fiscal year 2015 (September 30, 2015 to October 1, 2014), SIEMENS's total revenue in China reached 6 billion 940 million euros, with more than 32000 employees, 20 R & D centers, 77 operating companies *. SIEMENS has become an integral part of China's social and economic development, and dedication to work together with China to achieve sustainable development
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