Welcome to Green Building Academy
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  Green Building Academy is the academic division of M/s Conserve Green Building & MEP Solutions, Doha, Qatar established to cater the academic needs of construction sector, especially in Green Buildings, MEP, Energy Efficiency etc.
  The objective of Green Building Academy is to create awareness and provide extensive training on Green Buildings and Green Building rating systems, especially LEED. The content of our website are specifically for construction professionals in Middle east but also applicable to any one in construction sector. In the present scenario most literature related to Green Buildings are either from Europe or US and do not apply to Middle East countries because of the climatic conditions and energy price. Although there has been good awareness about Green Buildings in the GCC countries in the recent years, there is still a lack of information specific to these countries. Green Building Academy’s online portal brings the happenings on Green Buildings in GCC countries together and serves as information center for professionals in these countries. Apart from the study materials for the LEED credentials, there are articles, events and news related to Green Buildings and also details on job opportunities for Green professionals.We aim to expand our training programmes in Energy Audit, Building Services, IGBC AP and Energy Modeling in the near future.
  Our Services Include:
  LEED Consultancy & Facilitation
  GSAS Consultancy & Facilitation
  Commissioning for Green Buildings
  Energy & Water Audit
  Energy Modeling Analysis
  ISO 50001 Energy Management
  MEP Engineering Design Support Services
  MEP Shop Drawing Preparation
  BIM Modeling
  Specialized Simulation & Analysis
  Outsourcing Technical Experts, etc.
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