International Passive House Open Days 2020 Taking You into Passive Houses
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        Green willows have their branches hanging down with rain drops and wrapped pyramid-shaped glutinous rice dumplings are tied up with colorful silk threads. With the advent of the Dragon Boat Festival, the International Passive House Open Days 2020 will kick off and last from June 26 to June 28, 2020. During the event, we will show you the charm of passive houses in Sion-German Ecopark.
Passive House Technical Center
        Located at heartland of Sion-German Ecopark, the Passive House Technical Center of Sion-German Ecopark is a passive house project, officially launched on July 7, 2014, with the presence of the Premier of China and the Chancellor of Germany. It is a complex integrating research and development, experiences, exhibitions, conferences, housing, and other functions.
Exterior View of Passive House Technical Center
Night View of Passive House Technical Center
       With white as the dominant color, the pebble-shaped building and its surroundings complement each other in their beauties and combine into a whole. As a result, the beauties of the environment are fully rolled out and the project is dubbed the “Star of Asian Passive Houses”.

Interior View of Passive House Technical Center
Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Center of Passive House Technical Center
Auditorium of Passive House Technical Center

Interior View of Expert Apartments of Passive House Technical Center
        A primary energy consumption of 1.3 million kWh is saved for each year,  standing for a carbon emission reduction of 664 tons and a total energy saving of about 300,000 yuan.
Energy Management Center of Passive House Technical Center
Fresh Air Ventilator Room of Passive House Technical Center
Ground Source Heat Pump House of Passive House Technical Center
     After completion, the project has given full play to its role in demonstration and promotion, and won a number of awards and honors such as the GREEN SOLUTIONS AWARDS by Construction21 in 2018, the International "Double Top Ten" Best Energy Saving Practice Award in Public Buildings, the Sino-German Energy Efficiency Cooperation Award, and the "China Excellent Buildings Action" Excellent Practice Cases Award.
Passive House Estate Project Phase I (Lvse Gongyuan)
        The project is composed of both low-rise and high-rise residential buildings, with supporting facilities provided along Line 36. A community service center is established at the southwest of the block to further meet residents' daily needs, enrich their life and improve their livelihood.
        Exterior View of Passive House Estate Project Phase I (Lvse Gongyuan)
       With modern German concise style adopted, the buildings, mainly in white color, feature simple structure design and lay emphasis on functions and spatial organization. In exterior design, the buildings integrate exterior elevations, vertical greening and roof greening to create an iconic community with unique characteristics. Looking at its technical application, in addition to general technologies such as efficient heat preservation, efficient doors and windows, efficient airtight sealing, external shading arrangement, and fresh air heat recovery technologies, the project will make the most of renewable resources such as solar energy and geothermal energy. The project will make itself a German style landscape garden according to the standards of Sponge City by applying permeable pavement, building rainwater garden, and constructing wetland at subsistence area.
Townhouses of Passive House Estate Project Phase I (Lvse Gongyuan)
        As a cooperation between Sion-German Ecopark and Passive House Institute (Germany), the project is a passive house residential community, the largest of its kind in China now that is designed and built wholly in accordance with PHI standards, representing the joint efforts of both sides in promoting the application of passive technologies. The community will be built into a science and technology demonstration platform for residential passive houses that can yield international influence. It will set an example of harmonious co-existence of people, buildings, and nature with sustainable development. It will be a high-quality community fashioned with the blending of Chinese culture and German culture and showing humanistic care and comfortable livability.
Time of International Passive House Open Days:
    09:30-11:30  14:00-17:00   June 24 ~26, 2020
Address of Passive House Technical Center:

· 2877Tuanjie Road, Sion-German Ecopark, Huangdao District, Qingdao City

· Development Zone Bus Lines 26 and 812, and New Area Express Line K3 can take you there.

·Map link:

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