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  The composition of the outer most atomic layers of a material plays a critical role in properties such as: chemical activity, adhesion, wettability, electrostatic behavior, corrosion resistance, bio-compatibility, etc.  In addition, contaminants, process residues, segregants, and impurities are typically present at the surface of solid samples or at the interfaces of thin film structures.
  The ability to characterize thin film structures, via sputter depth profiling, provides a unique opportunity to examine the materials used in thin layers and to study their interaction with materials in adjacent layers.
  The ability to analyze sub-micron features, defects, or particulate contaminants is of critical importance to increasing product yield in a number of industrial applications including: semiconductor device fabrication, hard disk read/write head and magnetic media fabrication, specialty mirrors, composite materials, etc.
  Surface analysis measurements provide a means to correlate performance with surface or thin film composition. This knowledge can be used to accelerate the development of new materials or to improve the performance of existing materials systems.
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